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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh dear.....

Yes you are so right - How terrible, I haven't blogged for some time. I have so much to tell you as well, but I needed time to reflect and make sure that I didn't besmirch anyone's good (or bad) name. We have said goodbye to one chef and hello to another. We have had to give some serious thought to our long term plans here at the pub.

Before this week is out I will endeavour to tell you our plans, explain the changes at the pub and fill in all the blanks. I also need to find out why a certain customer chose to wear pink on the one evening i wasn't in the pub!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time Out

Sorry for the time out. I have a lot to tell you and over the next few days I will reveal all. As a taster I can tell you that we now have a new chef in addition to Karen, his name is Gavin. The boys (Max & Joe) are now here, but Helen has been away most of the week - she's back tonight!

The adventure continues, but I did question my options last week. As I said, more to follow.