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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am constantly reminded by all and sundry, that I have not posted for ages. Well, some of that is due to having been very busy and some of it is because I have been uncertain in what to write. Yes, there have been lots of things happening and yes that should have provided plenty to put here, but despite all the going-ons at the Provi’ I have been having an inner battle. Do I or don’t I. It really is decision time for us. Summer, (the holiday season) is almost over, we have a winter to look forward to and we need to get a rather large mortgage sorted out on the Provi’ – or do we?
So I will provide you with a list of events that have happened here in no particular order and later I will give you a much more detailed account of all that has happened along with the current position in my decision making process:
Russ & Jane visited and ended up working here.
Someone put his underpants on the wrong way round and had difficulties in taking a pee. That same someone had his teeth eaten by a furry friend.
Statler and Waldorf were at the bar and having both indulged in slightly larger than usual quantities of alcohol, had the following discourse: Statler went to the loo and on his return said, “That’s a f**kin’ great geranium out there!” Waldorf responds with, “Don’t be f**kin stupid it’s nothing f**kin great about it when it’s rainin’ out there.”
I played some cricket.
I didn’t play some cricket.
I worked my balls off.
I now understand the word Grockle.
I had fun with the kids on a boat.
I had two days back in Northampton.
Helen got incredibly peed off with me.
Helen gave me a kiss and a hug.
Steve and Claire visited us.
Mon and Melv visited us.
I saw my mum.
I still serve beer.
We had two days in the middle of our busiest period without a chef.
The staff here showed us that they care and helped us through a really difficult time.
More to follow……………….