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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Emergency

Today has been a steady day for the pub. No records were broken, but we sold sufficient beer and food to make everything good in the world, well certainly in The Provi'. We did however, have a major emergency. Charlie, our new puppy was off his food and as the day progressed he became more and more lethargic as well as suffering from a nasty bout of sickness. At 10.00pm I felt it necessary to take him to the vet. I have Sam, my 14 year old son staying with me this week and together we took Charlie to the vets in Kingsbridge. It was quite worrying, the little chap was not his usual puppylike self and the vet determined that Charlie had eaten something that did not agree with him. After an injection, some pills and a nasty looking cream that I have to force down his throat (not to mention a hefty dent in the wallet) we brought him back to the pub. He's laying quietly at my feet as I type this. I hope he'll be back to normal tomorrow.

More soon.

Something like normality?

January and February in East Prawle tend to be quiet months for the pub. We obviously look forward to the summer as a time of great opportunity and hopefully financial reward, but the early months offer their own benefits. For me, the main one has been the opportunity to get to know my locals. The fact that we have been well supported is something I have referred to previously, but I am now finding out more about my customers and their lives. There are a large number of second homes here and many are rented out as holiday lets, but we still have a thriving community and they all work hard to make the village a good place to live. We have a community hall that hosts various events, ranging from Parish Council meetings through to the local painting club. Recently the Prawle Party took place there. This is an annual event that allows all residents from children upwards the opportunity to get together in the community hall and have a bit if fun. This year numbers were down, but I think that was mainly due to there being a Burns Night supper at the same time. Helen and I enjoyed it and I have to admit to having more glasses of red wine than perhaps I should have.
The weekends have been very busy. Our food is being taken very seriously and we receive lots of bookings for Fridays and Saturdays. On a Sunday lunch time we offer a traditional roast dinner and that is gaining in popularity with each passing week.
We have changed some of our drinks around. Dispensing with Carlsberg, Blackthorn and Murphys; replacing them with Carling, Guinness and Strongbow. We have kept the Grolsch as this was proving to be popular.
More later this week...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our New Member of Staff

There's so much to tell about all that has happened throughout January and I fully intend
to bring you all the latest information, but for now I thought I would introduce you to our newest member of staff; Charlie.

Charlie is an eight week old Chocolate Labrador and he is keeping me busy cleaning up puddles and messes whilst I attempt to pull pints and take food orders! He's a great little chap and he is already making himself at home in the Provi'. He sits behind the bar below the till and keeps me company.